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Ramdev Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. is one of the known pharmaceutical drugs (bulk drugs) manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and exporters in Mumbai - India, offering Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Advanced Chemical Intermediates (AIs), Fine Chemical and Custom Synthesis Molecules, Pipeline Products. Serves to industries like Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Medical, Health, Food and Other Allied Industry across Globe.
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6 Fluoro 3(4-Piperidinyl)1,2 Benzisoxazole HCl

CAS No [84163-13-3 / 84163 13 3]
Chemical Name 6-Fluoro-3-(4-Piperidinyl)-1,2-Benzisoxazole HCl
Fluoro Piperidinyl Benzisoxazole Hydrochloride
Molecular Formula C12H13FN2O / C12 H13 F N2 O
Molecular Weight 220.246423
Molecular Structure C12H13FN2O, Fluoro Piperidinyl Benzisoxazole HCl, 84163-13-3, benzo, isoxazole, C12 H13 F N2 O, Intermediates Manufacturer, India
Our Capacity 1 MTP Month
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