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Ramdev Chemicals is Manufacturers, Suppliers, Distributors & Exporters of Pharmaceutical Bulk Drugs, Drug Intermediates, Speciality Chemicals & Custom Synthesis molecules from India
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Ramdev Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. is one of the known pharmaceutical drugs (bulk drugs) manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and exporters in Mumbai - India, offering Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Advanced Chemical Intermediates (AIs), Fine Chemical and Custom Synthesis Molecules, Pipeline Products. Serves to industries like Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Medical, Health, Food and Other Allied Industry across Globe.
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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients(APIs) are specified below with their Therapeutic Category and Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) register no.
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient CAS No. Therapeutic Category Documentation
Piroxicam USP/BP/EP [36322-90-4] Anti Inflammatory Open Part of DMF
Meloxicam BP [71125-38-7] Anti Inflammatory Open Part of DMF
Celecoxib [169590-42-5] Anti Inflammatory Technical Package
Carvedilol [72956-09-3] Anti Hypertensive Technical Package
Enalapril Maleate USP     Tech Pack Under Preparation
Sodium Valeproate [1069-66-5] Anti-Convulsant Technical Package
Valproic Acid      
Benzocaine [94-09-7] Local Anesthetic Open Part of DMF
Bronopol [52-51-7] Local Anesthetic Technical Package
Butamben [94-25-7] Local Anesthetic Technical Package
Benzocaine USP/BP     Tech Pack + DMF
Bronopol BP     Tech Pack + DMF
Ibandronate Sodium      
Ketorolac Tromethamine      
Isosorbide Mononitrate      
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Under Pipeline
Anastrozole [120511-73-1] Antineoplatic  
Aripiprazole [129722-12-9] Antipsychotic  
Atorvastatin [134523-00-5] Antihyperlipoproteinemic
Entacapone [130929-57-6] Antiparkinsonian  
Irbesartan [138402-11-6] Antihypertensive  
Lamotrigine [84057-84-1] Anticonvulsant  
Levetiracetam [102767-28-2] Anticonvulsant  
Losartan [114798-26-4] Antihypertensive  
Ofloxacin [82419-36-1] Antibacterial  
Olanzapine [132539-06-1] Antipsychotic  
Quetiapine [111974-69-7] Antipsychotic  
Ziprasidone [146939-27-7] Antipsychotic  
Note : Products are not offered in the Countries where they are covered under Patent.
However, Ultimate responsibility remains of the customer
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